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Do Problems loom for downtown Kenesaw apartment complex?


Effective Aug. 10, 2016 Revival on Main is being managed by:
Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc,

This firm is rated D+ by the BBB.  They had 5 complaints on the BBB site:

Resolved - The complainant verified the issue was resolved to their satisfaction. (1 complaint)

05/18/2016 Problems with Product / Service | Resident did not accept their efforts

Unresolved - The business responded to the dispute but failed to make a good faith effort to resolve it. (2 complaints)

Unanswered - The business failed to respond to the dispute. (1 complaint)

From YELP comes this review:

This company is notorious for buying out apartment complexes, and here is your warning. If this company buys your apartment complex, FIND A WAY TO GET OUT OF YOUR LEASE IMMEDIATELY AND MOVE. I have lived in three apartment complexes over the last several years that were not owned by the Wilkinson Group when I moved in, but because of this company's horrible service after they bought it, I have been forced out of two of them. Read that again. Two out of three times that I have lived in an apartment complex, I have had to move because of this company.

Some of the pleasant things you have to look forward to: being lied to, being ignored, having legitimate complaints about neighbors that are not attended to at all, leaving you miserable in your own home, an absurdly increased bill just because they feel like it, having your home damaged, having windows sealed off (my once-lovely kitchen sky light is now a covered over black hole that's an absolute eye sore), illegal activities regarding leases, illegal activities period, 6:00 am construction, rotting stairways, non-functioning lights in a very dark and hazardous place, and more. Seriously, these people are the kiss of death for your enjoyment of your home.

The apartment complex I'm having to leave now was perfect, absolutely perfect until this company took over.

If I could give this company negative stars, I would. If you sign a new lease with an apartment complex, add a clause in there saying that you are free to leave without penalty if this company buys out the apartment complex. If they're selling the complex anyway, I highly doubt they will care.

Oh, and never talk to these people on the phone or in person. They will lie to you, and then you have no way of proving it. Get everything in writing and keep every scrap of paper, even small notices, they give you. If you talk to them in person, make them write what they said on a piece of paper and sign and date it. Always get receipts. Assume they will lie to you at every opportunity, and make sure you know exactly what your lease says, because they will try to scam you in every way they can.

Avoid this company like the plague. Don't move to a community that they own, and if they buy out yours, get the heck out of there.


Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Mr. Jerry Wilkinson (President/CEO)

Debra Millwood (COO)
2100 Riveredge Pkwy #825
Atlanta, GA 30328-4641
Phone: (770) 952-4200
Fax: (770) 952-0029

Services:  Real Estate Consultants, Apartments

Alternate Business Names:
Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc.,
Wilkinson Companies,
Wilkinson Construction,
Wilkinson Properties

Founded in 1985, Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors is a privately-held property management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors currently manages over 7000 units at 30 communities in four states.

(Photo) Jerry Wilkinson, President, CEO

Lisa Adams is Regional Manager of Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc. She is responsible for overseeing operations of the Metro Region consisting of properties throughout Georgia. Lisa has over twenty years experience in the multifamily property management industry. Her responsibilities have been in various markets throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas and Florida.


August 10, 2016

Revival on Main
2825 S. Main Street
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Dear Residents:

We are pleased to announce, effective today, Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors will assume management of Revival on Main Apartment Homes. Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc, is a Georgia based company that manages approximately 6,600 apartment homes in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

We encourage you to drop by the office and introduce yourselves and discuss any concerns that you may have regarding this transition or your apartment.  It is our goal to provide the best possible professional customer service and to exceed your expectations.

You may have questions about the possible ways to make payments.  We plan to utilize the same resident portal that you have been using!  Your current user ID and password will allow you access.  Any recurring auto payment option that you currently have set up will continue effective September 1st.  Access to the resident portal should be available on August 17th.  Please do not attempt to use the payment portal until after this date.  Once active you can access the portal through this link:  The property website will look different, however the resident portal will look and feel just as you’re used to.  We will happily assist you with setup if you are new to using this online payment portal.  In addition to the online payment portal, you can also make payment in the office with a personal check, money order or cashier’s check.  We also accept MoneyGram payments.  Keep in mind that we do not accept personal checks for late rent.  For your convenience, additional clarification of payment information will also be distributed in the near future.  Please continue to make all payments for rent, utilities and other charges to Revival on Main.

We would also remind you that for all after hour’s emergency calls you should continue to call the office number: 678 883-3736.

We appreciate that you chose to make your home at Revival on Main and strive to ensure that your living experience here is pleasant.

Thank you,

Debra Millwood
President and COO
Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc.

Debbie Millwood

As President and COO for Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors, Inc., Debbie is responsible for all aspects of property management.


Davey Crockett
Even on their own FB site they are getting told off:
Mary Suttles Finlayson
July 14 at 5:30pm
Every week, including today we can't get into the parking garage or the interior access doors with our Faab's. There was a line today to get in. My husband dropped and broke an expensive bottle of bourbon he bought as a gift getting out of the car trying to get into the parking garage. This place is nothing but a constant problem and nothing is done to try and make up for it to residents.

1 Comment
Revival on Main
Revival on Main We appreciate everyone's patience while we corrected the issue; the gate and all controlled access doors were operational within 30 minutes. Thanks to Ed and Omar, our awesome maintenance team, for taking care of the issue.
Like · Reply · July 14 at 8:19pm
Mary Suttles Finlayson
Mary Suttles Finlayson This is an on going problem and sitting outside editing to come home for 30 minutes is very stressful. If it was a rare event that would be different but this continues to happen over and over. Everyone we encounter here says they hate living here so it's not just us having a problem.

Posted on July 26, 2016

2825 S. Main Street, Kennesaw, GA 30144

There are 30 reviews on the below apartment rating site and most (80%) are favorable.  That is the problem, they are just a bit too favorable to be believed.  If you read them I think you will soon conclude that the staff at Revival has been busy posting great reviews to counter the below negative reviews.

I have followed the construction from well before the land was even cleared for the building and said years ago that the project would either be the best thing since sliced bread of a big boondoggle.  


While it is a bit to soon to make any final judgment, it seems that it is tilting towards the boondoggle side.

Reviews are From:



ReviveElsewhere - Resident
Lived Here: 2015 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

We do not feel safe here. There are over a dozen people here that are meeting on a regular basis to put a package together to send to the owners of the apartment, South City Partners Pollack Shores and to Matrix Residential Co, the management company, demanding something be done about the manager here. 

We have been here just a few months and Im only going to cover my issues with our safety. Here are some safety highlights:

~ Several drug dealers are living here. There are very scary looking people that do not live here that frequently come in and out of the buildings all day and all night for only a few minutes at time, sometimes even leaving their car running in the parking lot. I am extremely nervous any time I have to leave my apartment, especially at night. For the most part, I feel trapped in my apartment.

~ An employee of Revival --------------------- was RAIDED BY THE POLICE for drugs in the middle of the night, arrests were made and the manager had no response. The neighbors were not informed of the situation, they were not offered any kind of comforting reassurance from the manager that their safety is any kind of priority at all. Nothing was explained. It was swept under the rug and kept quiet, as though it is not an extremely serious situation. The employee still lives here and works here. Its no wonder we are ignored when we constantly complain about the weed smell here, she is an accomplice.

But I have to say, if there is ever a reason to avoid living some place, it is when a manager chooses to be an accessory after the fact, encouraging and allowing illegal activity to continue in her community despite the very serious danger she is putting all the families and the children that live here in. Its unconscionable.

~ Guns have been shot off in the building. 

~ There are sticks and other things being left out side of every "keycard only access" so these drug dealers and buyers who don't live here can reach their hand in and push the "exit" button and get in and out of the building freely. (see attached picture)

Living here has become an extremely alarming liability. Several of us have asked the manager to please help protect the community and have the gaping holes in the key card access doors covered so people can not just simply put their hand through the door with a stick and gain entry without an access card. Her answer is that "its not her call and there's nothing she can do. But she'll try and keep an eye out for the sticks." That answer is frightening and probably bordering on being criminally liable if someone gets hurt or killed considering there is surely a lengthy record of residents informing her of all these safety issues for months and months. At this point I feel she is deliberately allowing the situation to continue for some reason, especially after finding out at the open house that her employees apartment was raided and she still lives here like nothing happened. 

The one good thing however is that the residents here have become very close. Many of them stay very well informed of all the things that are happening around here and are quick to share the information which is really nice when you have a place that keeps you in the dark about everything. If you would like to hear the real reviews directly from the horses mouth, feel free to come to any of the open houses that are held here. Many of us who feel so taken advantage of and betrayed are very excited to share our stories.



thegeorgiapeach - Resident

Lived Here: 2015 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

I am very disappointed with my choice to move here. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for your home. It looks good from taking a quick tour but once you are here, a lot goes wrong and the Manager will do nothing for you. She always has "important conferences calls" and rudely walks away. 

The place is full of drywall cracks, stained carpets, you can hear everything your neighbors are doing through the super thin walls, the overbearing smell of weed, water leaks constantly, fire alarms going off in the middle of the night on a weekly basis, a huge ugly dumpster constantly overflowing right in the parking lot for everyone to have to see and smell, drug dealers and drug problems are rampant, cars being broken into, dog poop everywhere and the list goes on and on. 

This place is completely unkept. And, don't even bother informing the manager because she does not care about anyones quality of life here and will ignore everything you tell her. Ive lived at places that were way cheaper and were managed and maintained way better than here. This place is terrible and I can not wait to leave. The fact that I pay money every month to be treated like I do here is sickening.



Anonymous - Resident

Lived Here: 2016 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

I just felt the need to correct the other review by saying that the parking garage IS NOT a resident only parking garage. I find it dishonest and unprincipled that the manager would "withhold the truth" in her response. Unfortunately, I am not surprised. So let me clear some things up for everyone.

Unquestionably, the Manager should have corrected the reviewer as to not continue misleading people who have come here seeking truthful reviews, but the manager here is, well, lets go with completely unqualified and outstandingly ineffectual to be on the nice side. She does not correct you in hopes that her "withholding the truth" to people will make them think that the parking garage is safe and secure, when in fact, it is very much not. 

In fact, if you do have an issue in the parking garage like a robbery, an accident, an altercation or anything that you would like to speak with the manager about, she is quicker than lightning to rudely dismiss you and let you know that the parking garage is not the apartment complexes, its owned by the city and she can't do anything for you. You are on your own. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK is her answer. Yes this place is a park at your own risk situation. 

The parking garage is used by all of city hall each and every day. It fills most of the parking garage. They have the same access clickers that we do and come and go as they please. 

The clickers are hand held, not attached to the inside of the cars like actual secure places do it, no, they are hand held so anyone can just hand their clicker to whomever they feel like at anytime, and then that person will have complete access to the parking garage. Half of the building doors do not close all the way, so that person also has easy access into the building. 

To say this place is secure is a fairy tale at best and is why there have been several cars broken into and robbed already. 

The parking lot is also used by all of the people visiting and leaving the jail and/or court which is right next door. 

Despite multiple break ins, no additional security measures were implemented, no additional cameras were installed, nothing. They did send out a little flier saying remember to lock your car doors because if you don't, then you are asking to be robbed, so I guess there's that. Although that was the police department that did that, so yeah, the manager has actually done absolutely nothing. 

But to be fair, she does absolutely nothing for any part of this apartment complex, not just the parking garage. 

When you leave in the morning you will not find a parking spot when you return if it is before 6.

Oh, and if you park outside of the parking garage in the parking lot surrounding the building, as a paying resident your car will be towed. Yes, as a paying resident you will be towed at your own expense from the very property you pay to live at.

If you can not find a spot on your floor to park in the parking garage because all the spaces are taken up by the city workers, the manager has this advice: Well, you have the option to park several levels above your apartments level and walk all the way down the parking garage to your floor or you can try and use the elevators that never work. 

Also, remember there are crimereport websites for you to use in order to see for yourself the robberies and break ins that have happened here. Don't take my word for it.



Verified Resident - Verified Resident

Lived Here: 2015 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

Pool is always under maintaince. Fire alarms always going off. Way too much money for the lack of businesses on Main Street, this would be a good price in midtown Atlanta...not for downtown kennesaw. We aren't noticed when we have a package...ever. We have to ask the staff and take our chances



Verified Resident - Verified Resident

Lived Here: 2016 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

So far, I have been utterly disappointed in this property. On the front, the train is too loud to sleep there. Dishwasher and outlet in bathroom don't work, and I put in a work order a week ago. Water leaks all around apartment. Fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night. 

Beautiful facilities and pool area, but the staff apparently doesn't take maintenance seriously or they are understaffed. I was also told I was "sensitive" to the train noise. Every resident I've spoken with on the front has the same issue. It's not only a loud horn, but the screeching of the brakes lasts several minutes and is extremely loud as well. This happens several times during the night. I was told it was quiet there at night when I asked. It's unbearable. The workout facility is very nice.



Verified Resident - Verified Resident

Lived Here: 2015 - 2016

I recommend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

Generally good. Only problems have been with residents. Obscenely loud upstairs neighbor, etc. Biggest complaint is the repeated fire alarm incidents and the lack of tenants in the retail area. Overall I like the complex and living here.



Verified Resident - Verified Resident

Lived Here: 2015 - 2016

I do not recommmend this property

Overall:Noise:Maintenance:Safety:Neighborhood:Grounds:Office Staff:

Location is great. A couple of good places to eat nearby. If you like nonstop noise and the great smell of smoke (and not just cigarette smoke either), then this is the place for you. Some people are friendly and others not so much. People tend to not clean up after their dogs. Communication can lack at times. The apartment as a whole looks nice.


None of the Revival retail spaces have been rented out.  These units were put in to make the proposed development a more attractive project for the City to consider.

Now that the project is finished the Developer has little interest in following through with rentals for small businesses.  They claim that they have some interest on part of the rental of 2 units for food outlets.

It is well past time for the rentals to be filled.  Although the City can not make the developer rent the spaces they could and should make it clear to the Developer that 


Those few ground floor retail spaces at Revival on Main were never more than window dressing to get approval for the whole project. The developer never expected to do any worth while renting of those empty store fronts, they were just tossed it to please the City and help with getting the project approved.



The below are from this rental site:  

Don't know if they look that good or not but it seems expensive.

Floor Plans

1 Bedroom - starting at $1065
2 Bedrooms - starting at $1320
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